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REST and WebSocket API

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OPNX offers a cutting-edge REST API and streaming WebSocket API that allows traders and developers to integrate their trading strategies, risk management systems, and order execution software with our trading platform. With an emphasis on performance and security, OPNX's API enables users to access the full range of our platform's features, including order placement, account management, and market data. For advanced API documentation, please visit our Slate API page.


OPNX's REST API is a fully featured API that allows users to execute trades, manage their accounts, and access market data. With extensive documentation and sample code in popular programming languages, the REST API is easy to use and can be integrated with a wide variety of trading software. The REST API also offers SSL/TLS connections, rate limiting, and IP whitelisting, ensuring that all communication between the user and the server is secure.

WebSocket API

OPNX's WebSocket API provides real-time market data and order updates with ultra-low latency. With the WebSocket API, users can subscribe to real-time price updates and order book changes, enabling them to make faster and more informed trading decisions. The Websocket API also offers a real-time streaming interface for order placement and cancellation, enabling users to respond to market changes quickly and efficiently.

Built for Developers

OPNX's API is designed with developers in mind. The platform offers native libraries and sample clients in popular programming languages, including Python, Java, and Node.js. These libraries and clients make it easy for developers to integrate the OPNX API into their own trading software, allowing them to take advantage of the platform's advanced features and high-performance trading capabilities.

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