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The Heart of the OPNX Ecosystem

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$OX token, the cornerstone of the OPNX ecosystem, is here to revolutionize the way you trade. $OX is set to redefine traditional exchange token models by introducing a staking fee discount model that is democratic, dynamically adjusting, and fosters alignment between the exchange and traders.

The $OX Token Model

The $OX token model is a game-changer in the crypto trading world. Here's why:

  • Democracy in Trading: The $OX token model allows every user to receive up to a 100% fee discount in perpetuity. This is achieved by staking tokens proportional to their share of trading activity.

  • Dynamic Adjustments: The model eliminates the need for constant band adjustments, as it is based on the users' percentage share of trading volume and staked tokens.

  • Lifetime Free Trading: This innovative approach redefines traders as integral partners of OPNX. By staking sufficient $OX, traders can secure free trading, for life.

Trading Fee Rebates

The $OX token offers attractive trading fee rebates:

  • 100% Rebate: Traders secure a 100% rebate on trading fees if their staked $OX as a percentage of total staked $OX is equal to or greater than their trading volume as a percentage of total OPNX trading volume.

  • 50% Rebate: If a trader's staked percentage is less than their trading volume percentage, they will receive a 50% rebate on the remainder.

The Herd: Stake, Trade, and Govern

The Herd is where $OX holders come to:

  1. Trade for Free: Stake sufficient $OX and enjoy 100% fee rebates.

  2. Participate in Governance: Make signaling votes to change fundamental exchange variables like fees, burns, coin listings, and more.

  3. Benefit from Future RWAs: Potentially benefit from future Real World Assets (RWAs) that may be onboarded, such as Justice Tokens (JTs), at the discretion of OPNX.

$OX Tokenomics

$FLEX holders have two ways to convert their $FLEX to $OX:

  • Unstaked $OX Conversion: Convert your $FLEX into unstaked $OX.

  • Staked $OX Conversion: Opt for conversion into staked $OX to gain an additional 25% bonus $OX.

The maximum $OX supply is 9.86B $OX, reflecting the maximum supply of $FLEX minus the quantity of $FLEX burned to date.

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